For the Animals

by Vegetable Police Productions

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thegreen_cyborg brah! this song is soo rad! I'm gonna bump it in my car full blast with 12 inch subwoofers! for the animals!

Any chance I could use it for my vlog you tube channel veg police? either way, very dope track!
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soulsearcher Well.. this track is just so dope because Kent is in the tumbnail.
peaceful vegan
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peaceful vegan Peace to the animals makes me a peaceful vegan XXX


Funny R&B song. It's hilarious yet deep and magical. It's all about our friends the animals ;) Watch the music video with strange dancing here


I used to eat a lot of meat
I realized I'm a piece of sheet
But when I learned of how they die
It made me sad and I cried
So now I don't eat animals
I cannot stand to watch them fall
Let's not pretend they don't feel pain
For me and you they are the same

They are the same
They are the same

I have a cat his name is Frank
I will not eat his bones or face
To eat our furry friends is wrong
Just eat the plants and you'll be strong strong strong
It is not healthy to eat meat
It makes your penis fall asleep
The fruits and veggies wake him up
Then you can have sex with your lover


(Love, love, is, on, love)
So what the hell do hell do hell do vegans eat
There are so many foods to choose from
(Love, love, is, on, love)
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
They make your skin look very nice
Eat rice and beans and then dessert
Make a burrito in a short short skirt my friend
Eat some chocolate if you want
It's not unhealthy if you close your eyes

My friend
My friend

You can get rid of your disease
Just stop the eat and drinking dairy, dairy
You have so many reasons now
If not for penis do it for the cow
Lets save our friends the animals
I know you do not want to hurt them, hurt them
Let's all go vegan yesterday
If not already you will find your way
For the animals
For the animals
For the animals
(Love, love, is, on, love)
For the animals
For the animals
(Love, love, is, on, love)
For the animals


released May 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Vegetable Police Productions Toronto, Ontario

I produce Hip Hop Beats, Ambient relaxing songs, and House music mainly. I make all the music for my comedy channel on YouTube, so check it out to hear more music and to laugh your ass off ;)

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